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Welcome to Lumin8 Lighting, LED Lighting Store Australia

The leading supplier of LED lights in Australia

Lumin8 Lighting is the largest leading online LED lighting store in Australia, we have a large variety of LED lighting to choose from at exceptional prices. We also have garden lights, strip lighting, flood lights, globes, and many more fixtures. We also have Industrial LED High Bay Lights, Industrial LED Flood Lights, LED Street Lights & available now the brightest LED Flood Lights and the brightest LED High Bay lights in Australia. With 2 years’ warranty on all LED products, you know that you’re buying quality lights that will stand the test of time.

Our range includes Cree, BridgeLux, Edison & Samsung LED lights for sale.

All our energy efficient lighting products offer great savings on your power bill. With 20% energy use than your standard 80% incandescent and halogen globes, you can really see the savings. This is why so many people choose to buy LED lighting products from us.

Why LED Lights are on the Rise

Many more people these days are concerned with being environmentally friendly and switching to energy efficient lighting in Australia. Not only is it saving the environment, it's also saving them money on their energy costs. With our LED lights in Sydney and across Australia, you can have quality lighting at a fraction of the cost. After the installation of your new lights, you will notice a change in your energy costs. There are different types of lights that can be purchased, allowing you to buy LED bulbs for any downlight fixtures, including lamps, outdoor lighting, ceiling lights, etc.

Getting the Most Out of Your Purchase

The best place to shop is on the Web. You can find plenty of great deals at an online LED lighting shop on everything you need for residential, commercial and industrial. Shopping around for the best deal is the only way to ensure that you're getting the best price. At Lumin8 Lighting, you can find plenty of great LED lights online at great prices.

Why Buy from Us

Why make a purchase from our online LED lighting company and not our competitors? We sell high quality products at wholesale prices, while other LED lights online retailers have much higher prices. We stock Edison, Cree, BridgeLux and Samsung diodes and SMDs, so when comparing our products to others you can tell the difference in light quality. There’s no blue tinge in our daylight/cool white range. Most lighting stores won't tell you this information so if you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!

If you require a large amount of LED down lights, flood lights, strip lighting, globes, outdoor lighting or any of our other items, we can give you a further discount, so call us for a quote today! We’re the best LED lighting shop in Australia – and we’d love to show you the difference between our competitors and us!

Call us today on Toll Free 1800 902 308 or Email us at

Posting to United States and Canada is now available, please contact us prior to ordering as Postage differs.