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Cree & Edison

    Cree and Edison Chips, the guarantee for quality in LED lights. If you are only interested in LED lights as a consumer, you might have wondered what Cree and Edison mean in the names of various lights. These two are obviously brand names we represent particularly to indicate the quality of the light, as these two names are two of the best quality manufacturers of LEDs and LED chips in the world.

    There are three levels of getting these quality lights in your home. First of all, you can buy LED light bulbs manufactured by these companies, but in most cases you will have to pay a really high price for the high qualities they provide. For a somewhat lower price you can get some lights which are manufactured by other companies, but contain diodes manufactured by these companies (originally packed LEDs).

    The driving force within the LEDs however is actually the driving chip. Cree provides such a brilliant quality driving chips, that even the competitor Edison company uses Cree chips for their best quality light bulbs. This shows very well how exclusive quality Cree chips can guarantee. Those light bulbs - let them be manufactured by well-known brands or smaller companies from the Far East - the quality of the light bulb will be very good.

    LED chips guarantee that the light will have a great brilliance and long lifespan. Cree chip driven LED light bulbs can have almost twice as long lifespan as other, lower quality light bulbs, and they maintain their brilliance much longer, as well as their colour temperature.

    Edison chips have the established place of second best on the market. Bulbs with Edison chips come at a more easily affordable price, but still a reliable circuit design, good current regulation and less heat emitted by the driver. Edison is also original equipment manufacturer for Philips. We can conclude that though the quality of substances used to create LEDs are also important, it is the driving chip, which assures the most significant qualities of LED lights. If you can check the driver chip in the light you are buying, going for the cheaper solutions of far-east manufacturers becomes a much affordable choice.


    BridgeLux manufactures leading-edge, high-power light emitting diode (LED) chips. These chips are the basis for all LED lighting products for general lighting, back-lighting units, camera flash for mobile appliances, signage and automotive applications.

    BridgeLux produces both blue and green LED chips that are packaged into components such as LED emitters/Arrays.

    The BridgeLux LED array products deliver high performance, compact and cost effective solid-state lighting solutions. Product options are tailored to match light output levels of many conventional light sources, delivering between 240 and 8000 lumens under normal operating conditions they are available in Daylight(Cool) & Warm white colours. These compact high flux density light sources deliver both quantity and quality of light required to displace conventional light sources, while delivering higher efficiency and longer service life.

    The products can be optimized for efficacy, quantity of light, colour rendering (CRI), targeted lighting colour temperatures (CCT) and cost to allow lamp and luminaries' manufacturers to easily integrate the light sources into their designs - resulting in high performance, LED-based lighting products for use in hospitality, commercial, industrial and "always-on" environments. These high lumen output integrated light sources reduce system design complexity, enabling miniaturized, cost-effective lamp and luminaries designs.


    Samsung LED Components are designed for depend-ability, with superior thermal characteristics for reduced risk of failure in high-temperature conditions. Excellent thermal efficiency enables lighting fixtures to maintain consistent colour and a reduced drop in lumens. The result is increased light output without shortening the fixture`s life span.

    Samsung offers colour coordination using ANSI bins and sub bins. This solution helps reduce the difficulty fixture manufacturers face mixing colour bins. The solution also improves fixture light quality and reduces space by eliminating the need to stock spare reels for colour matching. Manufacturers benefit from increased production flexibility with a wide range of options, from small to full colour bins. By conducting thorough research on fundamental colour science, Samsung has developed a clear understanding about how light works in everyday life situations. This knowledge enables Samsung to help manufacturers build innovative lighting fixtures.

    Samsung LED Components help fixture manufacturers produce energy efficient lighting products with superb reliability at high temperatures. These components offer design flexibility with a wide array of portfolio products, from high to middle power.

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